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(16th year!)
email:Not public.
Location:Bedford, OH
On these maps:·Members Tech
Last seen:2015-03-25 07:43:17
Profilemy computer:
Main rig: MacBook Pro Retina, 2.7 GHZ Core i7 (quad-core), mid-2012 (purchased new June 2013), 16 GB RAM, 768 GB SSD

2.4 GHz (4 GB RAM, stock 160 GB SATA HD)
Secondary rigs: iPad Air 32 GB/Verizon, Quicksilver 933 MHz PowerMac upgraded with GigaDesigns dual 1.8 GHz board, 1.25 GB RAM, OS X

Former main rigs: 2.4 GHz (4 GB RAM, stock 160 GB SATA HD), MacBookPro 2.0 GHz, TiBook 1 GHz; "Beige" G3 Macintosh, 466 MHz, 384 MB, Mac OS X (sold)
Secondary rig: Homebrew PC: ASUS A7V, Athlon 1GHz, 256 MB, Win98SE, Radeon DDR 32MB, Phillips Acoustic Edge 5.1, Toshiba DVD/CDRW combo

Recommended books:
Arthur C. Clarke:
--The Sands of Mars
--The City and the Stars
Isaac Asimov:
--The Foundation series
Robert Heinlein
--A Stranger in a Strange Land
Robert Silverberg
--Across a Billion Years
Hal Clement
--Heavy Planet (Mission of Gravity, Under)
Stephen King
--The Dark Tower series. All of them. :)
--The Stand

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    1. 2011-02-17 left by SychoSly See Profile seller 'New Genuine Apple Macbook Pro 85w MagSage Power Adapter' see »[FS] New Genuine Apple Macbook Pro 85w MagSage Power Adapter rated them 5/5
      Summary: Easy to deal with. No problems.
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