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Pete Abel

(7th year!)
Location:Saint Louis, MO
Last seen:2014-12-18 19:34:58
ProfileI work in the broadband industry:
Senior Vice President, Corp. Communications, Suddenlink

I have a website also!:

ask me about:
I joined this forum, along with other Suddenlink employees, to help our customers. Don't hesitate to ask us how we might be of assistance. For a list of Suddenlink employees verified to assist you via this forum, check here: http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r24974222-Approved-Suddenlink-Tech-Support-Agents

Kudos Received

  • Thanks to Pete Abel for all his help getting the CableCards for my SiliconDust HDHomeRun Primes configured! Once Pete stepped in everything fell into place. He turned a stressful situation into a pleasant experiance. esteen See Profile, 45 days
  • Thanks for the help! . canniballoe See Profile, 184 days
  • Mr. Abel has demonstrated he is very dedicated to helping customers. Every time I have had a major issue, he, and higher-ups in the area have been able to get the situation resolved quickly. darkdragon66 See Profile, 296 days
  • Worked very quickly to address and resolve my issues. Thanks to him and the locals. gatorkram See Profile, 302 days
  • Too kind to step-up for a wounded cable customer when all other illiterate "representatives" won't. DocsisCat See Profile, 1.2 years
  • I spent weeks and hours upon hours upon hours trying to get my cable card issue resolved. Pete got it done in 1 day. It's a shame it takes having to go to him to get something fixed but I'm glad he was able to help. jordanaustin See Profile, 1.3 years
  • Pete has helped in resolving issues that I have had with suddenlink service. Pete and his staff have always been helpful in finding and resolving the problems. Xulon See Profile, 1.8 years
  • Pete certainly came to our aid and we'll see if we get some compensation for what SHOULD have been diagnosed in 11/09!! Seems that a new drop line would have done the trick all along. superflash See Profile, 3.6 years
  • Mr. Abel has helped me several times solving more advanced routing issues in the network. He is very professional and is extremely quick in responding. If you have any major issues that have gone unsolved, Mr. Abel is your man!. monoxcide See Profile, 3.7 years
  • Great user!! Good help!!. semaj81 See Profile, 3.9 years

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