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(7th year!)
email:Not public.
Last seen:2015-03-31 10:19:11
ProfileAbout my Avatar/Username:
Originally was "Doc" or Drew as a Medic in the Army... turned to DrDrew by the local cable crew when I started there.

I work in the broadband industry:
I've worked in the broadband industry after getting out of the Army. Worked up through the field in a variety of jobs and locations for several companies...

Service Tech
Maintenance Tech
Headend Tech

my computer:
Worked with PCs before IBM-compatible was a thing and Windows even existed. I still do every day.

Worked with Macs since System 6. Still have a couple, which I also use every day.

Inspirational Text:
I can't fix it now, but I'll figure out how by the time I'm done.

Every job has a proper tool. No point in trying to make the wrong one work, but it can be fun.

If no one else is complaining about the world but you, maybe some thing is wrong with you and not the world.

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