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(7th year!)
email:Not public.
Last seen:2015-01-30 16:29:03
ProfileAbout my Avatar/Username:
Originally came from being a Medic in the Army... Had another (too) well known nick in previous years here at DSLR.

I work in the broadband industry:
Have worked in the broadband industry during the last 15 years, for a few different companies, doing a variety of jobs...
Disconnects and Collections
Installer (Video and HSI)
Service Technician (Video, HSI, Advanced Services)
Data Technician
IT Tech Support
Trainer (HSI Installation and Service)
High Speed Data Service Coordinator (Scheduling, Dispatch, Billing, Provisioning)
Plant Maintenance Technician
Rebuild/Node Installation Lead Technician
Ingress Certification Lead Technician
Headend Technician
Edge Hub Technician
Was unofficial online tech support for several years for an old cable provider that went bankrupt and then bought out.

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  • Deserves many kudos for the common sense and detailed responses in the thread about Charter's "digital secrets", and so many others. msmisfit See Profile, 1.6 years

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