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(5th year!)
email:Not public.
Last seen:2014-10-25 14:03:53

Kudos Received

  • Mate you so cool ...patience and helpful :P. badsykes1 See Profile, 88 days
  • More thanks from the "right" side of the pond. This time I am grateful for the ASA help. Cheers. markysharkey See Profile, 92 days
  • Thanks for the insights and guidelines for setting me up a few Cisco issues. . rename0 See Profile, 94 days
  • A real asset to this website! Very helpful. SteelersFan See Profile, 150 days
  • Incredible knowledge and patience. TheGamer See Profile, 168 days
  • Thank you for helping me on ARP and Subnet questions and explain to me which I can understand easily. withhelds6 See Profile, 190 days
  • Thank you for willing to assist me. compchris241 See Profile, 257 days
  • Thank you for suggesting route command on R2811. bvn63 See Profile, 332 days
  • Thank you very much. bvn63 See Profile, 341 days
  • Tanks for your input on the VTI/VPN thread. I am grateful for the contributions on this and other things too. markysharkey See Profile, 1 year

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RyanG1 See Profile cooldude9919 See Profile

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