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(5th year!)
email:Not public.
+VIP Official Support
Location:Gulf Breeze, FL
Last seen:2014-10-23 06:50:27

Kudos Received

  • Put me in touch with folks to get me answers on getting service. Alas, Mediacom is not interested in gaining customers, but Chad did his part. rtfm See Profile, 2 days
  • The one guy who fights to make things right. motoman See Profile, 16 days
  • 4phone techs a week of misery and Chad did it in 5 minutes. jwino6 See Profile, 22 days
  • Chad has hands down been the most helpful support specialist I've dealt with. My major 'help desk' peeve is a lack of responsiveness, but Chad responds very quickly and makes me feel he is actively working my problems. Pylor See Profile, 22 days
  • doing a great job of informing me of what is going on. I would much rather post to the forum here and let him respond that try and call mediacom. Thanks for your work Chad. slatimer72 See Profile, 26 days
  • Let me join the ranks of people who give a big thumbs up to Chad. I posted an issue and Chad was on it within hours! Thanks!. Exspecto See Profile, 30 days
  • Chad escalated a line issue in my area, and got me help in days, rather than the 2 weeks the support line had told me. Wonderfully helpful. teilo See Profile, 35 days
  • Chad is worth his weight in gold. He is an excellent part of Mediacom's team and I appreciate everything he's done to help me over the past several years. Keep up the good work, Chad!. TheRogueX See Profile, 40 days
  • Thanks for all the help. wmc75 See Profile, 63 days
  • nije job all around. bluebeaver6 See Profile, 76 days

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