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(6th year!)
email:Not public.
+VIP Official Support
Location:Gulf Breeze, FL
Last seen:2015-03-29 16:48:11

Kudos Received

  • Prompt, knowledgeable, always available it seems. I don't know what they're paying you, but it probably isn't enough!. mindcola See Profile, 63 days
  • Very knowledgable and professional. One of the best technicians I have ever dealt with in any business. . sargerop See Profile, 71 days
  • Has helped me numerous times and made issues a lot less painful to deal with. Not a fan of the company but Chad is definitely a diamond in the rough there. jason999 See Profile, 81 days
  • Always very helpful. Thank you. moltar03 See Profile, 113 days
  • I have no words other than the fact that this man deserves every penny for his job and far more. If there was an employee of the year award for all of Mediacom, hands down it should go to this guy. mrtnun7 See Profile, 141 days
  • Put me in touch with folks to get me answers on getting service. Alas, Mediacom is not interested in gaining customers, but Chad did his part. rtfm See Profile, 159 days
  • The one guy who fights to make things right. motoman See Profile, 174 days
  • 4phone techs a week of misery and Chad did it in 5 minutes. jwino6 See Profile, 180 days
  • Chad has hands down been the most helpful support specialist I've dealt with. My major 'help desk' peeve is a lack of responsiveness, but Chad responds very quickly and makes me feel he is actively working my problems. Pylor See Profile, 180 days
  • doing a great job of informing me of what is going on. I would much rather post to the forum here and let him respond that try and call mediacom. Thanks for your work Chad. slatimer72 See Profile, 184 days

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