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(5th year!)
email:Not public.
+VIP Official Support
Location:Gulf Breeze, FL
Last seen:2014-09-22 23:58:45

Kudos Received

  • Very helpful and quick to get you info and help. Should be a template for how customer service works. . CappinHoff See Profile, 84 days
  • Chad has helped me out and has gone above and beyond on multiple occasions, especially when going through normal support channels has led to frustration. MEDIACOM is lucky to have him. jhigh See Profile, 91 days
  • Chad is helpful, responsive, and takes job genuinely seriously!. atscntkt See Profile, 103 days
  • Great assistance with my issues always helpful and never had the issues I have when I call in. he looks at the issue and helps figure out what the problem is and gets what needs to be done done so that my internet is back where it should be. carot See Profile, 108 days
  • Simply the most helpful person I have ever dealt with at Mediacom. They hit the jackpot when they hired this guy. ApexD See Profile, 109 days
  • Chad is consistently the most helpful person associated with Mediacom. I've had real mixed results on the phone, but Chad is always great!. dwanzer See Profile, 109 days
  • Chad was very helpful and responded quickly. Thanks Chad!. Voodoo490 See Profile, 129 days
  • Even though I have incredibly mixed feelings on Mediacom and their customer relations, Chad has always been extremely helpful and quick to respond. If the company had more people like him they might actually improve their reputation. wardwester See Profile, 164 days
  • He did things that their regular support staff could not, so his help is very valuable. If more people like him worked for that company they wouldn't have the reputation that they do, he's a good one. TopherH See Profile, 179 days
  • very helpful and friendly. he has always been quick to respond. Thanks Chad!. groomsy See Profile, 198 days

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