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(5th year!)
email:Not public.
+VIP Official Support
Location:Gulf Breeze, FL
Last seen:2014-04-16 14:57:48

Kudos Received

  • He did things that their regular support staff could not, so his help is very valuable. If more people like him worked for that company they wouldn't have the reputation that they do, he's a good one. TopherH See Profile, 19 days
  • very helpful and friendly. he has always been quick to respond. Thanks Chad!. groomsy See Profile, 38 days
  • Responded extremely quick and gave some great ideas/advice on fixing my Internet problem. yajtyler See Profile, 65 days
  • Chad is always extremely helpful and friendly. Additionally, he has always been EXTREMELY quick to respond to my inquiries. Thanks Chad!. tubaguy See Profile, 66 days
  • If it were not for you, Chad, we would have left Mediacom a long time ago. Thank you for all your help. K M See Profile, 74 days
  • Extremely helpful. The 'go-to' guy for any questions and concerns!. korndawg See Profile, 81 days
  • Chad was very responsive and assisted with getting a technician out. Problem fixed, back at full speed. Thanks Chad!. Allen930 See Profile, 88 days
  • Chad is awesome! He evaluated options for faster speeds and suggested a better package for me. When I ran into trouble getting the faster speeds, Chad provided quick troubleshooting. kmilleriowa See Profile, 105 days
  • Goes out of the way to help people. I really appreciate everything you have done for me. Always polite and helpful and really fast at reply's. Technicholas See Profile, 115 days
  • Despite my feelings for Mediacom, Chad will do his best to get the issue fixed and has been the most helpful. RyanThaDude See Profile, 116 days

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