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(15th year!)
email:Not public.
Editor of these FAQs:
·Digital Imaging User Reviews
Location:West Hollywood, CA
On these maps:·Members Tech
Last seen:2014-09-18 13:55:54
Profilemy computer:
Dell Inspiron 1150 Notebook

Dell 8300 Desktop

2.8 gHz Intel Pentium 4


Microsoft Media Center 2005/Windows XP Pro SP2
Microsoft Office XP

500 GB Buffalo External HD
320 GB Maxtor
250 GB 7200 RPM Western Digital HD
200 GB Seagate 7200 RPM

Emprix Dual Layer DVD Burner DVD+RW/DVD-RW
Plextor PX-716UF 16X External 1384 Firewire/USB2.0 Dual Layer DVD Burner

Alcohol 120% Virtual CD

i- Connect 4 n' 1 Media Card Reader

RCA DCM 245 DOCIS 2.0 Ethernet Cable Modem

Linksys WRT54Gs Wireless Router

U.S. Robotics 56K FAX INT PnP [Modem]

VIA PCI Hub 6 Port USB 2.0 /3 Port IEEE 1394A Firewire

USB 2.0 to Serial converter for use with a Garmin eTrax Vista GPS Unit

Intel(R) InBusiness 10/100 Network Adapter

Dell 21" LCD
Sony Triniton 21" CRT Monitor

Nvidia GeForce4 FX 5400 Video Adapter
ATI HDTV Wonder High Definition/Digital/Analog TV Capture Card
Pinnacle Systems Studio PCI Multimedia Video Capture Card Rave Pro

Creative X-fi Platinum 7.1
Dolby Digital®/DTS®/THX® soundcard

Logitech Z 5500 5.1 Speaker System

Creative Zen Xtra Portable 30GB mp3 Player

Behringer BCD2000 DJ Mixer/MIDI Controller

Traktor DJ Studio 2.6

Logitech Wireless Media Play Mouse

Epson Photo 200 Printer

HP Desk jet 3620 Printer

Canon D660U Scanner

All this is hard wire networked via Ethernet to a Replay TV DVR 5000 and in to a

Toshiba 36" TV

Toshiba SD 3109 DVD Player

Sony DE 835 Home Theater Receiver

Sony SLV N500 VCR

Sony STR-SE391 Reciever

Tascam CC-222 Pro Dubbing Deck Tape/Digital/Analog Signal to CD-R Recording Deck

Photography Equipment:
Nikon D50 Digital dSLR Nikor 18mm-55mm & Nikor 55mm-200mm Lens

Olympus C-2100 Digital

Olympus B-300 1.7x Teleconverter

Sony CCD TRV 318 Analog Video Cam

BBR Team Helix
How many PCs run it:

When did I join?:
March 27,2001

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