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(5th year!)
email:Not public.
Location:Tallahassee, FL
Last seen:2015-04-02 02:01:00
Profileask me about:
Disabilities: I have a visual/hearing impairment. I sometimes have trouble speaking over the phone, especially when it comes to pronouncing my name properly and some other words, so for that, I use a relay service for the deaf/hearing impaired.

I only use relay services if some companies cannot accept e-mails, which are either due to their policy or for security reasons.

Hobbies: I love to fix/build computers for me and my family. I usually do computer programming and my favorite language which is comfortable for me to work with is C# and my favorite language for website creation is

Games I play:

Mostly Eastern/Japanese RPG games, like Chrono Trigger, Star Ocean (translated), Final Fantasy series, Secret/Legend of Mana, Breath of Fire I/II/III, Dragon Warrior/Quest, Quest 64, Phantasy Star, and probably that's about it although I do play about 35 or 40 of Eastern/Japanese RPG games.

For an introduction to Western RPG, I played Neverwinter Nights, but I didn't like it, because the enemies do not respawn, even though I got used to the gameplay--mostly when I use my keyboard and I don't prefer to use my mouse to play that game. I sit very close to my 57" HDTV and even with a large screen, I that most of the text is very small, even though I have the resolution set to 1280x720. I primarily use 1920x1080. Maybe it's because I'm a console gamer? Who cares if I could just use my keyboard to play any PC game without a mouse...

my computer:
Ubuntu Server 10.04 with router, hostapd, dhcp3-server, mythtv-backend, FreeSWITCH, Mono Framework, Z-Wave Home Automation System, File Server, FTP Server, and Apache 2 with Mono support. Sempron 3400+, 2GB RAM, 750GB HD, and ATSC HVR-1250 Tuner

For my HTPC: I have Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit as a primary operating system and Ubuntu Server 10.04 as a secondary operating system for watching live TV and recorded TV shows. I usually create music in Linux but never bothered to do that recently.

favourite websites: (for Z-Wave and C# programming) (I love Ubuntu, but it's not my primary OS, even though I have it in netbook.)

favourite recent film:

One of my favorite movie is "The Incredibles." I don't know how to describe it but some of the scenes look very futuristic/modern, like the one where there are light rails with personal-sized vehicles, some nice hallways, plus it's got some whirring sounds that--well, I don't know, but it's very cool. Plus, I like Freezone's room with that nice window that stretches from ceiling to floor and from wall to wall--I mean when he presses a remote that tilts to reveal the missing super suit ("Where is my super suit?"). I mean--seriously, I really love that movie.

(Woman showing some cards to Jack Jack with a house and a-- fire!? Oh, no! Jack Jack turns to fire and ruins her house and the woman gave Jack Jack to Syndrome...)


Why do I like broadband?:
Broadband is a necessity for me as I currently rely on text-based communications, like e-mail, Internet relay services for the deaf, instant messaging (rarely, as I have to be careful when talking to strangers -- mostly strangers with less than 50 posts or 25 for that matter), and general web surfing.

On TV I'm watching..:
Star Trek: The Next Generation and I rarely watch a few other shows since I have my antenna hooked up to my computer. I primarily watch recorded TV shows.

My mobile phone:
I have a junk prepaid phone from Verizon (my family resists changing to a different carrier due to Verizon MyCircle). I'm hearing impaired and I don't make and receive phone calls that much. I like to pay $10 or $5 just to only make mobile-to-mobile phone calls and nothing else.

I don't want either Windows Phone 7 or iPhone 4, because it's too restrictive to me. I don't care for either Blackberry or Android, as those two don't suit me well and I really want to live my life without Google services.

So my next "mobile phone" (although not a mobile phone) will be the tablet: a 9" or 10" multi-touch Windows 7 tablet. For that, I am going to wait until next year, as I'm hoping to have AMD's Bobcat-based processor (CPU/GPU combined) and HSDPA/HSPA+ support in a tablet. Going with Windows 7 is going to make it a whole lot easier for me. I'm not planning to get a dumbed-down OS like Windows Embedded Compact 7 due to the fact that ASUS ditched the operating system for Android and because of that, I don't think I'll see the future for Windows Embedded Compact 7. I'm a C# developer and I love to code for Silverlight application and do some game development (heh, nothing large) with XNA Framework.

Speaking of Silverlight and XNA Framework, that does not necessarily mean that I'll love to have a Windows Phone 7 phone, because I'll have trouble getting around the restrictions imposed by Microsoft Windows Phone 7, like paying $99 to register myself to the Windows Phone Marketplace and get my application approved by Microsoft just to publish my own applications to the market. A departure from Windows Mobile 6.5 means a lot to me, as IMO, Windows Phone 7 will just feel like having an iPhone.

In the meantime, I currently have my Ubuntu 10.04 netbook with T-Mobile WebConnect Rocket (I recently signed up for it and I'm enjoying the service, even though T-Mobile has less coverage than Verizon, but that's no big deal as I don't travel that much but only between Tallahassee and Orlando.

I like to listen to:
I love listening to Disney theme park music, Celtic, new age, dance (electronica/techno/house) and I think that's about it. I do like to listen to rap/pop/R&B music but not that much).

I use Live365 to listen to radio stations. Magical Balance, Beuna Vista Radio, MouseWorld Radio, CastMembers Radio, and Mouse/Mouse House Radio are really my favorite radio stations, which I can't live without it (

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