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(4th year!)
email:Not public.
Location:Naperville, IL
On these maps:·Members Tech
Last seen:2014-10-02 03:54:04
ProfileMy day job:
Engineer II, CMTS Operations - WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone.

Kudos Received

  • Dan rocks. The most helpful and responsive person at WOW. Inflex See Profile, 1 days
  • Thanks, WOW_Dan. My cablecard is now validated! Three cheers! :). hootoot See Profile, 42 days
  • Wish my local folks were even half as helpful as Dan. He always goes above and beyond trying to help resolve problems!. garfield See Profile, 60 days
  • Dan is an incredibly helpful, respectful, and intelligent WOW employee. Thank you so much for your quick reply and assistance. You are a lifesaver!!!. Bianca_OH See Profile, 77 days
  • Dan is so awesome! He was able to get the HD portion of my cablecard up and running as it was supposed to work. mlott See Profile, 92 days
  • This guy is awesome!. hamo2k1 See Profile, 98 days
  • Thanks for helping with my cable card validation problem. You have definitely saved me a lot of frustration!. jk44054 See Profile, 201 days
  • Fixed a weird drop/stuttering problem with my connection. Sure makes things convenient than calling WOW support!. UCJ See Profile, 229 days
  • Amazing, Dan helped me quickly solve problem I was not able to take care of through phone support! Hope WOW appreciates you well... Thanks Dan!. HonzaIL See Profile, 269 days
  • Dan is absolutely the best employee WOW has. He has helped me with many issues throughout the years. He escalates when necessary. WOW needs to understand what an asset they have at hand. JamfSlayer See Profile, 1 year

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