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(4th year!)
email:Not public.
Location:Valencia, PA
Last seen:2015-03-27 04:14:54

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  • A great person who helped out during a bad time. . Warzau See Profile, 2.2 years

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For-sale forum - ratings

  1. 2013-07-15 left by BosstonesOwn See Profile seller '2 Drives and a Mounting Kit' see »[FS] 2 120 GB Samsung SSD 840 and Dual 2.5" Drive Bay rated them 5/5
    Summary: Great Buyer
  2. 2013-01-21 left by MineCoast See Profile purchaser '4) Hatachi HST541680J9SA00 80GB 5.4k $15' see »[WTB] Notebook SATA Hard Drive rated them 5/5
    Summary: A+++ RAPID FAST SHIPPING!
  3. 2013-01-05 left by bloodrage See Profile purchaser 'sata hard drive' see »[WTB] Sata Hard Drive at least 80 gb rated them 5/5
    Summary: shipped very fast...thanks
  4. 2012-09-26 left by SychoSly See Profile purchaser '40GB Travelstar 4200 RPM' see »[WTB] Laptop IDE ATA Hard Drive 40GB or so. Cheap rated them 5/5
    Summary: Good price, fast shipping, works.
  5. 2012-08-04 left by rosco35 See Profile seller 'Lexmark E260dn Laser Printer' see »[FS] Lexmark E260dn Laser Printer - BRAND NEW IN BOX rated them 5/5
    Summary: Great buyer. Fast payment. Sell to H_T_R_N!!
  6. 2012-05-13 left by jjoshua See Profile seller 'In wall speakers' see »[FS] 3 pairs of new in-wall speakers rated them 5/5
    Summary: A pleasure to do business with. Enjoy!
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