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PX Eliezer

(2nd year!)
email:Not public.
·Optimum Voice
Last seen:2015-03-03 23:32:10

Kudos Received

  • Thanks PX for all your helpful advice and insight in the VOIP forums! :). topgun See Profile, 84 days
  • Helpful, knowledgeable, well thought out responses. AND a Nice Person! :-). lstevens See Profile, 151 days
  • Thanks for adding humor and insight to an otherwise dry topic. Stewart See Profile, 284 days
  • Thanks for helping me with understanding my options for a new Voip service!. flinchlock See Profile, 359 days
  • [bquote=[user=PX Eliezer]] Absolutely. In fact, companies today have even less regard and loyalty for their workers. Focus is on [immediate] profits, that's even more important than long-term profits. [/bquote]Well said, brother. . miataman See Profile, 1 year
  • I loved your line: "You don't want to be in that "death" group unless you are really, really committed to the principle of natural selection: So committed that you don't mind dying to prove your point." in your recent post: (link). graniterock See Profile, 1.1 years
  • Always helpful. Always has very knowledgeable information when people ask questions; valuable, accurate and easy to understand information. brawney See Profile, 1.1 years

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mrdialup See Profile

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