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(15th year!)
+Ex-Mod 2002-13
Editor of these FAQs:
·Software FAQ
·Software Forum Member Choice
·Software Forum Posting Guidelines
·Washington/Baltimore Area FAQ
Location:Middle River, MD
On these maps:·Members Tech
·FiOS availability
Last seen:2013-09-13 11:50:24

Kudos Received

  • I look forward to Friday's Strange and Interesting Pics and as said before the exquisite B&W pictorials. Just wanted you to know it is greatly appreciated! . jwhorfin See Profile, 2.2 years
  • Justin should give you some kinda medal for your tireless work here. On more than a few occasions I have considered abandoning DSLR, but then I would miss out on your exquisite B&W pictorials. dogma See Profile, 2.2 years
  • Thank you for the consistent posting of beautiful photos in LHF and W&B. dliw See Profile, 2.5 years
  • Flawless in his giving to the community. An altruist and gentleman. . Madcap See Profile, 2.6 years
  • Always helpful and friendly. Posts some awesome pics that I have "stolen" for wallpaper. :) . Akasha See Profile, 2.6 years
  • For all his hard-work and internet surfing, simply to keep us entertained. :). whizkid3 See Profile, 3.6 years
  • For this (link). LilYoda See Profile, 4.3 years
  • For your contributions, and steadfast friendship. (Hugs) ~lil~. lilhurricane See Profile, 5.1 years
  • :). Pole883 See Profile, 5.6 years
  • Consistently one of the nicest people on dslr. . dandelion See Profile, 5.7 years

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