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(14th year!)
email:Not public.
Location:Huntley, IL
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Last seen:2014-03-16 12:20:25
I used to teach Unix, hardware, and entry level Microsoft classes at a local community college.

These days, I own a small consulting company that's designed to help mature adults get into computers and to learn how to use technology without being so afraid to touch it that they might mess it up. Its a part-time thing, but Im offering a valuable service in my community, and it pays for my hardware habit too!

And on weekends from May till October, you will find me and my better half lounging on our deck at our summer place at a campground with a private lake in Wisconsin or on the business end of my Harley.

my age:
Dont ask...I have kids that are probably as old as you are, and 6 grandchildren to boot!

ask me about:
My (14 year old Keeshound) puppy and my grandkids!!!!!

my computer:
Actually have several PCs, a Solaris server, and an occasional laptop or 2 online via a wired Netgear FVS328 dsl/cable router and a Cisco N business grade WAP plugged into it:
1. a 3300 AMD proc with 2 G ram (WinXP Pro) that I run my business on, dualbooted to Ubutu;
2. A Sparc Ultra 10 with a 336 Mhz UltraSparc III proc with 4 M cache, 512M ram running Sun Solaris UNIX 10, just for fun;
3. Laptop #1: a Dell Inspiron 6400 series laptop with an Intel dual proc, 100G drive, and 2G ram
4. Laptop #2: HP Pavilion dv4-1123 running a dual core Intel proc, 4G ram and Vista Home Premium 64.
5. Laptop #3 (spouses) is a new HP Pavilion running Windows 7 HP
6. My primary tower system has a quad AMD 9550 at 2.2Ghz inside an HP Pavilion tower w 6G ram, and a whole bunch of internal and external storage attached. It has been upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 HP
7. An old Dell running WHS with 2TB of Samsung USB Story drives attached

favourite classic film:
Spaceballs, Caddyshack, and anything that features James Bond or Indiana Jones!

My day job:
A former Preemptive Services engineer for Sun Microsystems, I now specialize in project management and Access Control for a large financial/insurance company based in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

I work in the industry:
I have my own small consulting firm, WiseGuy Consulting (available on the web at www.wiseguyconsulting.com), which is designed to assist mature adults with their individual challenges related to all types of technology, including computing, wireless networking, HDTV, cell phones, digital cameras and imaging - almost anything related to consumer electronics and computing.

I not only consult, but I and my associates teach small seminars and workshops, do installations, and minor repairs and upgrades on PC systems

I encourage you to visit my web site: www.wiseguyconsulting.com

The site isn't glitz or glittery, but supplies information on technology to my primary audience in simple understandable terms.

On TV I'm watching..:
CSI (all flavors), NCIS, Chuck, James Bond re-runs, MASH re-runs, Numbers, and Survivor. Latest show Im tivoing is Leverage

I stay away from Desperate Housewives, American Idol, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, fat shows (Biggest Losers, etc) and professional basketball games.

About my Avatar/Username:
Avatar: Java...As an former employee of Sun, it seemed appropriate at the time.

Username: WmGoat: Used to be a (very small)mountain climber when I was in college, got the nickname from a bunch of guy friends when I went straight up the face of a cliff they dared me to climb (Ive never backed down from an achievable challenge!)

BBR Team Helix:
Running in memory of Carrie Jenkins, the 22 year old daughter of a very close friend, passed on in November of 2002

My first name:

DSLR Seti@Home details
Why did I join?:
And why do I subscribe to SETI? Because I have lots of extra computing power at home, and most of their procs are idle a great deal of the time. So I told myself, Why not take advantage of some of this unused horsepower, and do something with it that might help others? But since SETI went to another interface, I'm only using it on my UNIX box, because I cant get it to work via a pc and my firewall.

How many PCs run it:

How many CPUs run it:

BBR Team Helix
How many PCs run it:
2 at 100%

Why did I join?:
Northwestern University in Chicago asks all cancer patient families and friends to become involved - this is the best way that I can help out.

When did I join?:
April, 2003

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