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(15th year!)
Location:Charlotte, NC
Last seen:2015-01-29 09:39:12
Profilemy age:
I am 22 Years Old. Born On June 14th 1978.

ask me about:
Remember, I'm from BROOKLYN!! Born & Raised! All Day Long! I miss NYC! There is no place like living in NY! Even though I'm in NJ now, for the past 2 years... moved from BK to Newark and finally from Newark To East Orange. I love my apartment! The apartments in NJ are more affordable for a working class than in NY, the atmosphere will never be like a Brooklyn or NYC atmosphere!

Everything in this profile is Classic. I'm in my 10th year here on DSLR. I've never changed anything on this page, since I joined this site back in 2000. I'm not 22 any longer..lol. I'll be 32 in June! Memories! Edit: January 22, 2010

my computer:
Using: AMD Athlon 700Mhz with 30GB HD and 128 MB RAM. I have a MicroStar MS-6191 Motherboard. Also Viewing on a 17" ATI Monitor!

I also have:
A RealTek RTL8139(A/B/C/8130)Fast Ethernet Card, and a Lightening Fast 56k Modem and 10x DVD Rom

I Connect to the Web with: NetZero, AT&T, and EarthLink/MindSpring DSL.

About my Avatar/Username:
Well because I use the user name JE Blazemaster on the internet, many people tend to think that I am a pot head or smoke. That is not the case. I am often prejudiced because of this. To set the record straight.....the name blazemaster came from me having my own website back in 1998 called blazing-hot.com. instead of choosing a main eamil address like webmaster, I decided to personlaize it, and have it correspond to my website...e.g. BlazeMaster...get it?

The name JE means JaggedEdge ...and no I had the name before the group even came out. I got the name from the movie JaggedEdge!

My Avatar is my very own logo that I made at CoolText.

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