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(14th year!)
email:Not public.
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Location:Stony Brook, NY
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Last seen:2014-06-19 16:41:06
Profilefavourite recent film:
The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

favourite classic film:
Dr. Strangelove, Stanley Kubrick's 1963 Cold War Classic

My day job:
Controller for a non-profit organization

On TV I'm watching..:
Not a whole lot. The Office that's pretty much it. That's why I got OOL, TV is lousy.

Recommended books:
"A Prayer for Owen Meany" by John Irving. The best treatment of a supernatural religious experience ever in print.

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    For-sale forum - ratings

    1. 2010-04-12 left by SolarPup See Profile purchaser '450 Watt PS' see »[WTB] 450Watt PS rated them 5/5
      Summary: Excellent, fast, pleasure to trade with!
    2. 2005-11-17 left by RogueMonk See Profile seller rated them 5/5
      Summary: Sold ScottMo a harddrive enclosure and SATA card. Communication was great. Payment was prompt. Great buyer. Thanks.
    3. 2005-02-01 left by aximr See Profile purchaser rated them 5/5
      Summary: Purchased CPU from me with super fast payment, excellent communication, easy to deal with, A+
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