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+ExMod 2001-08
Editor of these FAQs:
Location:Pittsburgh, PA
Last seen:2009-03-20 19:24:32
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literature, art, nature, arbitrage and finance, technology, building the perfect network, writing the perfect novel, photography, printmaking... learning whatever there is to learn, then inventing something new, so I can learn some more. (and, of course, trying to ...uh... take over the, ahhh... the world, naturally...)

my age:
Old enough to know better.

my computer:
I don't have one... I've perfected telepathy over ATM... I know what you're posting tonight yesterday afternoon ;-)

favourite recent film:
Fried Green Tomatoes... Monty Python... Apocalypse Now... Being There... the Outlaw Josie Wales...

favourite classic film:
To Have and Have Not... Gone with the Wind... the Wizard of Oz...

My day job:
Trying to take over the world.

Why do I like broadband?:
Because, Pinky... with this, we can subliminally control vast populations, by cleverly concealing secret messages in those flashing ad banners for online casinos on sleazy websites, and take over the world...

Inspirational Text:
"... and, add to that, that, being dead, we rise, dream, and so create translunar paradise..."

W.B. Yeats, "theTower"

On TV I'm watching..:
A test pattern... or a Tex Avery cartoon...

Recommended books:
Churchill - A History of the English Speaking Peoples...

Marion Zimmer Bradley - the Mists of Avalon...

Anything at all by Mark Twain...
Anything by W.B.Yeats...

Evangeline Walton's retelling of the Mabinogion...

Asimov's Foundation Series...

The backs of cereal boxes, newspapers, tech manuals, webpages... anything that can be created with paper and ink.

About my Avatar/Username:
"I was at first little Gwion, at length I am Taliesin..." ..."Tewdor Thunder"

My fav. online games..:
The same thing we play every day, Pinky... trying to take over the world.

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