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(15th year!)
email:Not public.
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·All Things Apple
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·Technology Law & Politics
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Last seen:2015-01-27 22:39:05
Profilemy age:
Older than the microchip, younger than the transistor. I was born the same day as some famous guy named Linus.

My day job:
I help make some of the best parts of the Internet. I produce a fresh crop of 1's and 0's using PHP and MySQL (lots of WordPress), but also a bunch of other things like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Why do I like broadband?:
Because life is to short to tolerate a slow pipe.

Inspirational Text:
"You can't truly understand something until you can take it out of context." -- Mospaw

On TV I'm watching..:
Nothing. Most TV is a complete waste of time and has little, if any, entertainment value. I might catch a little local news (for things that matter to me like weather and traffic) now and then or movies on channels that don't edit them.

I have a website also!:

About my Avatar/Username:
My user name is my last name. I'm not much on originality in that department.

My avatar is Mr. Bump, a character I remember from childhood books.

My fav. online games..:
None. I don't need yet another addiction.

My first name:

I like to listen to:
My wife. Actually, I'm forced to do that. :)

I'll listen to virtually anything that is truly music. Most pop "music" is not. I'm also not fond of country. But jazz, new age, classical, classic rock, Gregorian chants, big band, latin, TV themes, etc. It's all good.

Photography Equipment:
Canon Digital Rebel T2i, Canon EF-S 17-85 IS USM, Canon EF 28-135 IS USM, Sigma 70-300 APO, lots of various memory cards, Manfrotto legs with a "joystick" ball head, and a few other things.

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  • A great person to do business with!. SueS See Profile, 3 years

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    Summary: Super fast payment and great communication. I couldn't ask for anything more.

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