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(14th year!)
email:Not public.
Location:Morgantown, WV
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Last seen:2014-09-17 18:43:15
Profilemy computer:
AMD Athlon 64x2 4600+
GeForce GT430
Win XP
P4 2.8 Ghz (Prescott)
Radeon HD 3450
Win XP

DSLR Team Discovery details
Why did I join?:
Years ago I was crunching with Team Starfire. After some time I discovered both Team Helix and Discovery. Initially I started crunching with Helix, but came over here due to the single minded nature of our group. While I hadn't lost family or close friends to cancer at that point, I knew that was my target.

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    For-sale forum - ratings

    1. 2013-07-16 left by bewhole See Profile seller 'Asus 512 agp video card' see »[FS] Sold Asus 512 agp video card rated them 5/5
      Summary: Very Fast payment great to work with.
    2. 2008-04-26 left by cvrefugee See Profile seller '256MB DDR333 RAM' see »[FS] Rosewill Internal 52-in-1 Card Reader (3.5") rated them 5/5
      Summary: No hassle deal, paid promptly!
    3. 2008-04-19 left by BoomerSooner See Profile purchaser 'Hodge Podge of PC parts!' see »[FS] Router/478 CPU/Webcams/Cables rated them 5/5
      Summary: PERFECT Seller! Friendly and VERY fast shipping! THANKS! :)
    4. 2008-01-06 left by Dejavu See Profile seller 'NES items and games' see »[FS] NES, SNES, Genesis and other games & systems rated them 5/5
      Summary: Perfect buyer. Great communication.
    5. 2007-09-07 left by scooterr50 See Profile purchaser 'Compaq Armada P1 233 Laptop' see »[FS] Compaq Armada P1 233 Laptop rated them 5/5
      Summary: good deal, fast shipping, great communication.
    6. 2007-01-12 left by nuftjedi See Profile seller rated them 5/5
      Summary: Sold some misc items. We had perfect communication and sale went rapidly. Highly recommended buyer!

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