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(14th year!)
email:Not public.
Location:David R.I.P.
On these maps:·Members Tech
Last seen:2015-01-28 01:08:48
Profilefavourite classic film:

I like to listen to:
Blues and Rock n Roll

Inspirational Text:
A Friend is Someone Who Reaches for Your Hand but Touches Your Heart

I'm available for hire:
You're A Daisy!

Lovin every minute I take a breath.
My Wife--Nancy
Joe Bonamassa
Jimi Hemdrix
Loggins and Messina
Black Country Communion

My first name:

my age:

my computer:
Dell Dimension 5100 (Pentium 4 3.4GHz, 2GIG RAM, 80GB HDD, XP Home)

ask me about:
Why The World Has Gone So Crazy
And I Will Give You The Answer's ;)
But One Thing Stands True To Me:
I Hate Liars and Freakin Out of Control
Cry Baby Mods That Drink To Much!!

favourite websites:

My day job:
LawEnforcement--25 years

Kudos Received

  • What can I say, hay? :D You're the best! Always very helpful, and a great friend to have around. Thanks for everything you do around here! ;). jabarnut See Profile, 2.4 years
  • Thank you for all the good you do here at DSLR. I always look forward to your helpful contributions. jmorlan See Profile, 3.2 years
  • Gordon, I just want to thank you for all the fine work you do and the help you offer on this board and on Wilders. You have a great attitude my friend and I'm glad to know you, even if it's currently only in cyberspace. Be well. . Pentangle See Profile, 3.2 years
  • hayc59 is one of the most valuable members of this site. lordpuffer See Profile, 3.2 years
  • Amazing dedication to DSLR, very helpful, friendly, providing excellent informative postings. Dustyn See Profile, 3.3 years
  • Great friend with a forgiving attitude. His contributions to the many Boards/Forums are beyond compare. . ShyWriter See Profile, 3.3 years
  • You deserve more than Kudo's for all you do here my Friend! Great Job! Daniel ;-). Triple Helix See Profile, 3.4 years
  • Man, you're fast on the updates - can hardly keep up with you... thanks! :) . EGeezer See Profile, 3.4 years
  • Mahalo for everything you've done with assisting me ( & others) with the Security Software updates as well as your contributions to the security forum!. Snowy See Profile, 3.7 years
  • Gordon this is for all the great work you do here my Friend! D. Triple Helix See Profile, 4 years

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