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(14th year!)
email:Not public.
+VIP Camponotus f.
Location:United State
Reviews:·Time Warner Cable
Last seen:2014-07-22 14:01:43
Ants, computers, Internet, TV shows, movies, computer games, etc.

My day job:
Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Analyst/Tester -- Break Computer Softwares! >:)

Why do I like broadband?:

I have a website also!:
Ant's Quality Foraged Links (AQFL): http://aqfl.net
The Ant Farm: http://antfarm.ma.cx

Kudos Received

  • If I did not have my own life to live, I would want to be antdude. He brings the best stuff to the forum. ;-). Name Game See Profile, 1.8 years
  • You are a very good Ninja Ant keep up the great work on the forums! Daniel :-). Triple Helix See Profile, 1.9 years
  • Thanks for lots of good information and discussion - all delivered in collegial good humor! . EGeezer See Profile, 2.7 years
  • Good joke!!. Pole883 See Profile, 4.7 years

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