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email:Not public.
Location:Americus, GA
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Last seen:2009-03-30 12:59:21
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I like trying to learn about computers. I like to read any thing. I like traveling and do so about a month a year all over the US, Mex, Canada. My last trip was to Hawaii. Like Las Vegas and the games and entertainment there. I like doing a whole lot more, but been a quasi-paraplegic puts a lot of obstacles in my way, but I try to overcome them all.

my age:
I am 58 yrs old and have been retired for 12 years.

ask me about:
I have 4 daughters who have given me 12 grandchildren. Ten granddaughters and 2 grandsons. I have an adopted son and he has one son also.

my computer:
My computer is a 1.4 T-bird with 512 ram with 133 fsb. Win XP.with 2 30gig harddrives. All-in-Wonder 7500 64mb video, Sound blaster live, dvd, cd-rw,zip drive. Alcatel Speed Touch Home Modem with Bell South. HP Photomart 1115,Web Camera,Video Camera. HP Scanner. Kodak 3mg pizel camera.FireWire for my cameras.

My first name:

BBR Team Helix
Why did I join?:
I joined in the hopes that in a minute way I can be instrumental in helping find a cure for these diseases that has devastated so many lives and dreams.

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