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(14th year!)
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Last seen:2012-03-28 12:03:47
Profilemy age:
I'm PapaSmurf, so that makes me 500+ years old. I remember when the TI 99A was considered cutting edge technology, Pong was considered state of the art video gaming, and hand held calculators were only for the rich.

my computer:
Servers - Homemade editions of core 2 extreme with quad core technology, Win XP Pro and Vista, multi drives & some other stuff. Clients are a mixed bag of Pentiums, P4s, Athlons and a toaster.

My day job:
I've been told to hang on to it.

I work in the broadband industry:
Yes, it's true . . .

About my Avatar/Username:
I was given this name by the people that worked for me, so perhaps it's because I'm old and wise. Probably because I'm old, fat and blue. Dunno.

My first name:

I like to listen to:
Nature and the sound of one hand clapping

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