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email:Not public.
Location:Reseda, CA
On these maps:·Members Tech
Last seen:2010-06-27 18:24:47
Inactive user. Handle may be available!
Profilemy computer:
AMD AthlonXP 2500+ Barton
ECS K7VTA3 v5.0 motherboard
Corsair PC2700 @ 256mb RAM
Fujitsu 9GB HDD
nVIDIA Ge-Force4 MX440

There is currently no CD or Floppy drive for this rig. The video card is only needed when extensive work needs to be done to the rig. This is a 24/7 SETI@Home ONLY machine. It does not do anything else but run SETI@Home. No case as it is set up in "blade" configuration. This is the first of hopefully many more to come. My plans are to create my own "Crunch Monster".

my computer:
My primary computer. I call her Kool Blue (or Big Blue)
P4 2.8GHz OC'd to 3.02GHz
Shuttle AS45GTR mobo
Antec TrueBLUE 480
Corsair XMS 512MB
Gigabyte Maya-II Radeon 9700 Pro
SoundBlaster LIVE! 5.1 OEM
Mitsumi 1.44 floppy (black)
Yamaha F1 CD-RW (black)
Lite On 16x DVD(black)
Two Maxtor high-speed drives (40GB/60GB)
Koolance PC2-601 Water Cooled case (blue)

favourite websites:
I've got three of them:
1) www.dslreports.com
2) www.broadbandreports.com
3) www.google.com (Google is your friend)

Why do I like broadband?:
Because I've got that itch. You know, to go faster!

On TV I'm watching..:
Cartoon Network

About my Avatar/Username:
My avatar is of Goku powering up. Don't know who Goku is? Think DBZ. My username is shaolin216 because when I joined DSLR/BBR my head was shaved. I looked like a monk for a while. I'm trying to grow it back but its taking too long. And the 216, well, that's just my birthday (2/16).

I like to listen to:
Techno and Smooth Jazz. Yes, I know. I'm weird like that.

DSLR Seti@Home details
Why did I join?:
Because my real first name is "Alpha", and I'm looking for Beta.

How many PCs run it:

Description of my Seti Setup:
I currently run two PCs. My main rig I call Kool Blue (or Big Blue). It's a P4 2.8GHz slightly OC'd to 3.02GHz.

My second rig is an AMD AthlonXP 2500+ Barton. It is a "blade". It has no case and just the bare minimum for hardware. All it does is crunch SETI 24/7, and nothing more. It too is slightly OC'd to 2.02GHz.

I run the CLI (command line interface) ver 3.03 on both of them. SETISpy gives me info on my work units and history. SETI Driver caches several days worth of work units, and runs the CLI client. I also use SETI Cache Spy to give me info on my cached WUs. I connect to Team Starfire - Team Cache VII. Both BIOSs and OSs have also been tweaked. Everything runs rock solid. I average approx 18-20 WUs/Day.

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