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(14th year!)
email:Not public.
Location:Montreal, QC
On these maps:·Members Tech
Last seen:2015-03-03 17:46:46
My home connection
SmartRG SR505n routed through a stock Netgear WNDR3700v2

Speed down/up:


ISP charge/month:

Kudos Received

  • Awesome guy thanks for your help with my MLPPP struggle!. davecfraser See Profile, 238 days
  • For years, I have seen you make useful & helpful posts. Thank you!. marclaporte See Profile, 1.2 years
  • Awesome help in my thread about projectors. Definitely went above and beyond to point out the little things I should keep an eye out for. Robert See Profile, 1.3 years
  • You might not have 50K posts, but you've been super helpful over the (mostly lurking) years I've been around. Kudos! :). polkaroo See Profile, 1.8 years
  • Guspaz, Truly appreciate your recommendations for a new router (Asus RT-66u) and firmware. . MissSherlock See Profile, 1.9 years
  • CapSavvy updates and maintenance. Merci!. dillyhammer See Profile, 2.4 years
  • Capsavvy is working perfect. paulmcz See Profile, 2.4 years
  • For Patience, Assistance, and informed to the point responses!. bodop See Profile, 2.9 years
  • good advice!. glassx3 See Profile, 3.2 years
  • Thanks for your detailed reply, much appreciated. OpenWave See Profile, 3.4 years
  • It's Guspaz, he's the man. I wouldn't be using MLPPP everyday if it wasn't for him. So yeah, Kudos to you. Banimator See Profile, 3.6 years
  • In general, very knowledgeable and very open with that knowledge. dillyhammer See Profile, 4 years
  • thanks for the teksavvy bandwidth meter app. macedon See Profile, 4 years
  • Thanks for all your work with Capsavvy!. graniterock See Profile, 4 years
  • - Tomato/MLPPP is amazing - the setup is sheer genius - Sleek and easy to use. (=^_^=)Many thanks to you(=^_^=). kragop See Profile, 4.8 years
  • Good work on the ml-ppp stuff, You and DSL-Ricer are probably the two of the most important people in the teksavvy forum's community. grayfox See Profile, 4.8 years
  • Just wanted to be one of the many to thank you for Tomato/MLPPP. You've done a great thing and selflessly shared it with the world... thanks for that. jreid See Profile, 5.5 years
  • Thank you for being such a great help to everyone on the forum, namely telling me about new software and of course MLPPP. El Quintron See Profile, 5.7 years
  • Thank you for the fantastic guide to setting up ZeroShell and VirtualBox. In a concise list of steps, you made what would be a complex task attainable to a new user in short order. l0thar See Profile, 5.7 years
  • Some ask questions... others give answers... Some call him the Shredder, others call him Guspaz... whatever he is, he sure is helpful! Thanks for all your insight and work you've put into Tomato Mlppp and the whole forum!. Oinktastic See Profile, 5.9 years
  • Big thanks for the Tomato Mlppp and all your input in the forum. The Wave See Profile, 6 years
  • Develops VERY useful tools to benefit others using broadband connections. . fatness See Profile, 6.4 years
  • Thanks for giving the community plenty of great tools! proxy2wire and MLPPP on Tomato! And I'm sure more!. shepd See Profile, 6.5 years

Kudos Given

Bellmtl See Profile

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