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(13th year!)
email:Not public.
Location:Harrison Township, MI
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Last seen:2014-10-30 07:43:54
ProfileMy first name:

Bicycling with my friends, surfing the internet, learning new things.

BBR Team Helix
How many PCs run it:
Varies, plus hosting three (4) Foldinator blades

Why did I join?:
Payback to the DSLR community

When did I join?:
Don't remember

DSLR Seti@Home details
Why did I join?:
I felt welcome to BBR/DSLR

How many PCs run it:
running three (2) blades as the "Crunchenstein"

How many CPUs run it:
Crunchenstein blades are Intel Quad Core CPU's

Kudos Received

  • Terrific work and dedication during the move of F8,B1,2 into my care. Parkut has been and remains an incredible asset to the F@H Project and Team Helix. Posted with much admiration and gratitude. suprleg See Profile, 176 days
  • Thanks for being so patient with me in figuring out the connectivity issues on Blade3 probably caused by me. jaynick See Profile, 2.1 years
  • Just wanted to say that parkut has done more, by far, for the Distributed Computing Forum and, on BBR, the Folding project in general than any other. TwoFrogs See Profile, 3 years
  • Very patient with me in figuring out programming issues, most of which are caused by me. alphapointe See Profile, 3.2 years
  • Pays right away and is great to deal with . . Candle See Profile, 3.8 years
  • Got the PSU. It's working great. Thanks!. Sober See Profile, 4.4 years
  • Very cool of you to do this! (link). nozero See Profile, 5.8 years

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