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(14th year!)
email:Not public.
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Editor of these FAQs:
·Microsoft Application Tips and Tweaks
·Microsoft Windows 7 FAQ
Location:Brockville, ON
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Last seen:2015-04-01 13:22:42

Kudos Received

  • for apparently tireless analysis of other people's crash dumps. dave See Profile, 275 days
  • auggy has helped me so many times ave the years that I cannot remember how many..Many thanks!. rfhar See Profile, 1.5 years
  • Auggy stuck with me to solve a problem that most would think was just too small to deal with. I appreciate your sharing of knowledge and time. Kudos!!. Grethor See Profile, 1.5 years
  • Got to give another Kudos for Auggy. I have had a long existing problem which I am still working on. Auggy has been my go to guy for quit a few years now and as always he stays with me even if I have to post outside his main area of expertise. turbovmax See Profile, 3.6 years
  • Fixed my issue right away. :)))). pulp46 See Profile, 4 years
  • Hey Auggy, Thanks for keeping up with my thread. Not many people there willing to go through debugging. I like looking back at threads where someone gets to learn while attempting to repair their computer. joewho See Profile, 4 years
  • I have had quit a few problems since I joined Broadband reports. I have received so much help from Auggy with these problems and fixed so many of these problems due to the help I received from Auggy. turbovmax See Profile, 4.6 years
  • Hey, auggy. Thanks so much for taking so much time on my daughter's problem. I can't help her any more, and having someone that dove into her problem was most gratifying. Also for telling everyone else to back off re: her back ups. jaykaykay See Profile, 5.5 years
  • Thanks for the kind and most helpful assistance with my various issues of late, it is much appreciated ! . siljaline See Profile, 5.6 years
  •'re awesome and i love reading your posts ! Gracias, meng . Retired6 See Profile, 5.6 years

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