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(13th year!)
email:Not public.
Location:Pineville, NC
Last seen:2014-01-31 18:33:21
Profilemy age:

my computer:
Self made, Abit be 6 850 mhz retail slot 1, 512 mb memory, viper ii video, 3com nic, sound blaster live (full), 40 gb WD 7200 rpm Hard drive, 400 watt P4 power supply, Hp 9700 series Cd burner, creative 52 speed cd rom, Microsoft internet keyboard pro, microsoft wireless intellemouse explorer, 19" AOC monitor, visoneer scanner, epson color 880 usb printer...

Computer 2
abit be 6 w/ pIII 700 mhz, 512 memory, creative Sb live, USR 56k modem, Efficient Networks dsl modem, linksys 100 card, 20 Gb western digital 7200 rpm drive, regular keyboard mouse, 17" monitor, Microsoft phone system

Why do I like broadband?:
Had RR for almost 3 years... DSL that I have now is far better than RR has been in recent times. No sharing and no severly decreased bandwith at times that I want to really use the service.

I work in the industry:
Network admin for Healthcare Co.
Former Microsoft Escalation support tech for win95/98 IE 5, office 2000.

My first name:
Brian.. usually go by "Bri" or BC.

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