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(13th year!)
email:Not public.
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Last seen:2014-10-30 14:15:45
I enjoy bike riding, walking, playing tennis, traveling, racquet ball, volleyball and nude bathing at the beach.

My day job:
I work for the government as a desktop support.

On TV I'm watching..:
Nothing, since there ain't sh*t on there. If I do turn it on, I'll just flip through channels.

My favorite shows are Supernatural, Fringe and Clean House.

I like to listen to:
Shoutcast radio. My stations bookmarked are ClassX, Flashback Alternative, Dayglo80s, Radio Nigel.

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    For-sale forum - ratings

    1. 2014-05-14 left by Jackarino See Profile seller 'HDD' see »[FS] SATA HDD's rated them 5/5
      Summary: A++ Buyer, Fast Payment
    2. 2014-04-19 left by Tony_B See Profile seller 'iPhone 4s' see »[FS] AT&T iPhone 5s and iPhone 4s rated them 5/5
      Summary: Smooth transaction; prompt payment & communication! Thanks!
    3. 2013-10-05 left by G00SE See Profile seller 'Intel CPU's' see »[FS] Miscellaneous CPU's, Memory rated them 5/5
      Summary: Excellent transaction, would do business with again !
    4. 2012-03-04 left by MuDvAyNe See Profile seller 'HP ZD8000' see »[FS] HP ZD8000 rated them 5/5
      Summary: Fast Payment, Sorry about the USPS destorying the packaging.
    5. 2010-04-12 left by cvrefugee See Profile seller 'WD Caviar 640GB' see »[FS] HDDs & RAM rated them 5/5
      Summary: Perfect transaction!
    6. 2009-07-18 left by comp See Profile seller 'Core 2 Duo' see »[FS] Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 rated them 5/5
      Summary: Great Buyer
    7. 2009-03-23 left by exocet_cm See Profile seller 'HDD' see »[FS] 500 Watt PSU, Brand New 120mm Case Fans, 60Gb HDD rated them 5/5
      Summary: Paid quickly. Good communication. Great buyer!
    8. 2009-01-30 left by cvrefugee See Profile seller 'Seagate 2.5" 80GB HDD' see »[FS] Speck SeeThru Hard Shell Case for Moto Q9 rated them 5/5
      Summary: We were able to work out a good bargain for the both of us
    9. 2006-10-03 left by dleehend See Profile purchaser rated them 5/5
      Summary: This review should have been sent in May, but I got busy and forgot. Boricua65 is a great seller. Everything was as he stated and arrived quickly.
    10. 2005-11-01 left by cfsdfnj See Profile purchaser rated them 5/5
      Summary: Awesome transaction! Ultra fast payment! A+++ Hope to do business again! Thanks

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