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(13th year!)
email:Not public.
Location:Stewartstown, PA
On these maps:·Members Tech
Last seen:2015-01-25 19:15:03
ProfileI work in the broadband industry:
@Verizon VPS/MCO

Kudos Received

  • Tim has helped me out a few times, thanks Tim, It's much appreciated. Zaii See Profile, 32 days
  • I have had a few issues with my DSL service and Tim has always helped me. He has always responded, even if I just had a question about DSL. wiggie116 See Profile, 109 days
  • I have had issues with verizon dsl speed slowing down. Tim is the best person to talk with about fixing your problem. Thanks Tim. Topgig. topgig See Profile, 118 days
  • I had an issue with my Verizon DSL service, and Tim helped me immediately. Thanks so much for your time and attention. legnoguado See Profile, 140 days
  • Thanks, Tim, for all the help you have given and continue to give our members. It's much appreciated. sashwa See Profile, 173 days
  • Tim was responsive and worked very well with me on a home DSL speed issue. Even better I learned a little bit about the technology during the process. k9frizb See Profile, 1.2 years
  • tim_k helped me troubleshoot a speed issue. Very patient with me while I attempted to find and fix my issue. Thanks!. JRave See Profile, 1.3 years
  • tim_k is very kind and courteous. He goes all his way out to help me with my problem. grapdecookie See Profile, 1.3 years
  • Tim_k has helped double my dsl speed and was very helpful! Thanks very much!. symbiance See Profile, 1.3 years
  • After 2 hours on HSI tech support over several days, I ran into tim_k. He helped me resolve my problem within 24 hours and has remained kind and courteous throughout my barrage of questions. Thank you!. engage16 See Profile, 1.3 years

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For-sale forum - ratings

  1. 2008-07-31 left by cvrefugee See Profile seller 'NEC 3520A, 80GB & 250GB HDDs' see »[FS] Socket 478-era PC part out (lots of stuff) rated them 5/5
    Summary: Pleasure to deal with!
  2. 2006-06-28 left by n1zuk See Profile purchaser rated them 5/5
    Summary: Quick payment, good to deal with. Thanks!
  3. 2005-12-08 left by dot_null See Profile purchaser rated them 5/5
    Summary: I sold tim_k a Telezapper. I recieved payment very quickly and communication was excellent. Perfect Buyer!
  4. 2005-05-01 left by TheGhost See Profile purchaser rated them 5/5
    Summary: Quick payment and response to IM. Would sell to again.
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