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(13th year!)
Location:Forest Hill, MD
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Last seen:2014-02-24 21:36:58
ProfileMy day job:
Telecommunications tech. Low voltage wiring contractor, some electronics repair, TV repair, IT consultations, network, computer & server building.

Why do I like broadband?:
SPEED and more SPEED! It is so addictive!

I have a website also!:
www.foresthillnetworks.com and www.baystatetechnologies.com - under construction

I work in the broadband industry:
I was a line maintenance repair technician for a local cable company. I installed and repaired digital cable TV, Cable Modems, VoIP, and HDTV setups. Troubleshoot signal issues, repaired damaged cable, amps or replace equipment.

My first name:

I'm available for hire:
I am available for any computer related jobs. I build and repair computers. I also install home networks - wired or wireless. Please contact me for a quote.
I also have cable TV, cable internet, and VOIP experience. I have worked for Armstrong Utilities for 4 years if you have cable issues you need worked on.
Finally I can run any low voltage wiring for phone, internet/ethernet, fiber optic, coax cable, surveillance systems, alarm systems, home theater audio etc...

my computer:
I build my own. I replace my desktop every 2 years and my laptop every 2-3 years.

Computers, networking, muscle cars, sport compact cars, model railroads, radio control cars/trucks/airplanes, guns & ammo, hot women

About my Avatar/Username:
I used to be an automotive technician. I gave up my career fixing cars after 11yrs. I worked in a Dodge dealership. I decided to pursue my love of the Internet, networks, and computers as a career.

My home connection
1 Motorola SB5100 Cable Modem for Comcast Essentials package & Actiontec gateway for FiOS both supply Internet connections to my Peplink Balance 380 Multi-WAN Router with Pepwave 802.11G access point that feeds a Cisco Catalyst 12 port switch. All equipment is in an APC 42U Netshelter. Modem, router, and switch are all on an APC UPS.

Speed down/up:
81/38mbps & 3000/1000kbps

FiOS & Comcast

ISP charge/month:

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