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(13th year!)
email:Not public.
Location:Columbia, MO
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Last seen:2014-12-25 08:42:56
Amateur Radio

my age:

my computer:
Counting servers and my laptop, I have 8 personal machines. 2 are Windows 7, 1 is XP, and the rest are Linux (CentOS servers and one Ubuntu desktop)

My day job:
VA Hospital Telephone Operator

I have a website also!:

My first name:

My mobile phone:
Sprint PCS Samsung Galaxy Nexus (JB)

Photography Equipment:
Nikon D3100 w/ SB600 Speedlight

BBR Team Helix
How many PCs run it:

Why did I join?:
After hearing Dr. Randy Pausch speak and reading his book "The Last Lecture", I decided I was going to fold in his honor.

When did I join?:
Folding as 'baldbrad'. I don't remember when I started.

FP Member since 4/7/09
FP OP (Foldy 2 Blade 1) since 5/6/09
FP OP (Foldy 2 Blade 2) since 7/30/10
FP OP (Foldy 2 Blade 3) since 12/23/10
FP OP (Foldy 2 Blade 4) since 1/3/13
FP OP (Foldy 2 Blade 5) since 2/22/12
FP OP (Foldy 2 Blade 6) since 1/1/12

My home connection
Fiber Optic LAN with several managed switches for experimenting.

Speed down/up:


Kudos Received

  • Kudos to a great Team Helix member and a wonderful musician. squirt See Profile, 4 years
  • Alpha always has pertinent input. He sure knows his stuff in the Ham forum. Pleasure to learn from. Radio Active See Profile, 5.7 years

Kudos Given

parkut See Profile

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