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(13th year!)
email:Not public.
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Last seen:2015-03-28 20:59:22
Profilemy computer:
Desktop: 2003 - Asus A7N8X custom build w/ 2.5 Ghz Athlon Processor, 1gb ram, Matrox P750 Video Card. It's a few years old, but suits my needs.

Test System: 2005 - Some junker of a system, 2.4 Athon Processor, 1gb ram (maxed out!), but it's enough to run VMware server and acts as my system router (smoothwall).

Laptop: 2007 - Dell Vostro 1000, 2001 - Dell Inspiron 4100 (keyboard is shot, hinges are shot, but still works!)

2007 - iMac for video editing at home

In Garage - 3 Dell PIII 866 Systems (ran 24/7 until earlier this year. They acted as servers for my parent's home business) 1 - Dell PII 266 (1997), also ran 24/7 until recently as my firewall/router.

About my Avatar/Username:
I'm a TV cameraman/producer/editor for a small channel and that is my workhorse.

Photography Equipment:
Pentax 100D

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    For-sale forum - ratings

    1. 2006-11-19 left by Gem See Profile purchaser rated them 5/5
      Summary: Purchased two sticks of ram from him. A pleasure to deal with. Good communication. Prompt shipment. Clean items that are exactly as described. Would definitely buy from him again.
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