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(13th year!)
email:Not public.
Location:Burlington, ON
Reviews:·TekSavvy DSL
·Bell Fibe
Last seen:2015-04-01 10:41:16
ProfileI have a website also!:

My home connection
15/10 VDSL, EdgeRouter Lite, Linux, Android

Kudos Received

  • Got me on the right track to a solution with the mystery I was trying to solve with a piece of software. Thanks!. gadgetboyj See Profile, 38 days
  • thanks for your patience and for your advices :). asgatlat See Profile, 50 days
  • Thanks for good points and your patience!. grub3r See Profile, 72 days
  • urthebest thx. braveheart99 See Profile, 147 days
  • awesome post on the ZyWall firewalls. charterengr See Profile, 253 days
  • Many thanks for advice with SIM cards !! Brano surely has a well functioning brain and mine benefited from the knowledge. FureverFurry See Profile, 321 days
  • Thanks Brano, for the great help and the things I've learned from you! . starcat See Profile, 1.4 years
  • I thank you for all things I learned from you in ZyXEL forum. ;). OGalati See Profile, 1.5 years
  • I thought that I had already given you the kudos you so admirable deserve but it appears not. I have not often asked for assistance but you have answered the call at those odd times I get into trouble. Many thanks to you. . whisper1 See Profile, 1.9 years
  • Well desired kudos to a long time sage in the ZyXEL and networking forums. Always willing to assist others yet also very humble about it. His keen insight for the obscure technical details is impressive. . u475700 See Profile, 2.1 years

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