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email:Not public.
Location:Bentonville, AR
On these maps:·UVERSE User
Last seen:2009-06-21 22:21:22
Inactive user. Handle may be available!
Profilemy age:
Too old!

my computer:
At home? Well, fully configured Sun Fire E6900 (my baby) with 24 1.8ghz UltraSPARC IV+ processors, 384GB RAM, Solaris 10 3/05 HW1, and Sun Storage Tek 6540 array(s) with about 60TB total storage. All for recreating client installations locally and mass storage/manipulation of client data.

Probably one of the most, if not THE most powerful home machine on BBR.

Then I have 12 workstations at my home computer lab.

If you think this is sick, you should see the setup at my office *insert evil laugh here*.

If I could get fiber service to my home, this wouldn't all be so necessary. And believe me, carrying several TB worth of data back and forth is a major PAIN IN THE A$$.

I'm available for hire:
For all your IT needs. Either one of my associates or myself can handle ALL of your IT needs.

My day job:
IT consultant, network engineer, business owner

Why do I like broadband?:
It rocks!!

I work in the industry:
I consult for several Fortune 500 corporations and the US government. I specialize in network engineering, systems integration, troubleshooting/problem-solving, and more. Basically, I am an IT mercenary of sorts. If it crunches information, I can build it, fix it, and design it.

Inspirational Text:
Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

On TV I'm watching..:
I WAS watching Farscape! The SciFi network SUCKS! Now it's all about BSG baby!

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