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Bob Sanchez

email:Not public.
Location:Margate, FL.
On these maps:·Members Tech
Last seen:2007-09-27 11:28:02
Inactive user. Handle may be available!
Anything and everything to do with football!! Miami Hurricanes all the way!!

my age:

My day job:
I worked in the service repair field on deli and restaurant equipment until I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer about 2 years ago so next time you are at a Burger King, Wendys, KFC, Taco Bell, Arbys or just about any other restaurant you can thank me and my company for keeping all the equipment up and running so you can enjoy your lunch or dinner :)

Why do I like broadband?:
The speeds! You have to love the speeds!

On TV I'm watching..:
ESPN, ESPN Sports Century, ESPN Classic and anything on any other sports channel!!

About my Avatar/Username:
Username?? Hell, that's my actual name!! Avatar gets changed around from time to time depending on what mood I am in.

My first name:
Same as my user name. I kept it simple so I wouldn't forget my user name!! ;)

DSLR Team Discovery details:
Running 1 computer at home and 4 at work and hope to add more in the near future.

BBR Team Helix
Why did I join?:
I've got the time and it is one helluva good cause. I am currently being treated for Pancreatic Cancer and my Mother passed away January 22nd of 2007 from Lung Cancer so I take this kind of personal.

When did I join?:
October 30th, 2006

DSLR Team Discovery details
Why did I join?:
My daughter beat Chrohns Disease, Mom passed away 1/22/07 from Lung Cancer and I am currently being treated for Pancreatic Cancer, which I will beat so I have a personal interest in this.

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