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(13th year!)
email:Not public.
Last seen:2015-03-08 23:34:51

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  • Thanks for volunteering your expertise and time. All your posts are thoughtful, detailed, and problem-solving. I've learned so much from you about banking and intend to visit this site more often. Quibble28 See Profile, 4.6 years
  • for illuminating the dark corners of the Net. Cudni See Profile, 5.2 years
  • Your research and posts are extremely insightful. The level of detective work that you do, however easy or hard it may be for you, is amazing to read. A big kudos from me for all of the work you do re: security and scams. Thank you!!. Jeffrey See Profile, 5.5 years
  • Your posts are the first that really stood out to me here. Your skill and dedication at uncovering these scams truly amazes me. Well deserved appreciation and respect. Thank you!. Mystikangel See Profile, 5.7 years
  • I can think of no other member that deserves a MUCHO MUCHO GRANDE KUDO than you !!! Your research and dedication is worthy of the highest of honors. amysheehan See Profile, 5.9 years
  • The work you've done and are doing amazes me! I believe that your reward comes from the satisfaction of having helped others. Very honorable for sure!. Zenith See Profile, 6.1 years
  • You're one of my DSLR heroes. . CurtesyFlush See Profile, 6.2 years
  • I've always commended you on your hard work and dedication to scam busting. I'm glad I have a way to say it again for all to see how much you are truly appreciated here. Keep up the good fight for us!. pcdebb See Profile, 6.5 years
  • I can't think of anyone more deserving kudos than MGD, for selfless dedication to scam busting that stretches far beyond supporting BBR members and readers, but the public at large. MUCHO KUDOS, MGD!!!!!. MeanPeepsSuk See Profile, 6.5 years

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