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(13th year!)
email:Not public.
Location:The Ocean
Reviews:·AT&T Midwest
Last seen:2014-10-01 13:44:01
Profileask me about:
Team Discovery and "Crunching."

my computer:
Velocity Micro Gamers Edge 1000
AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Core Processor 5400+, 2.80 GHz

Macbook Pro

About my Avatar/Username:
My avatar is generally one of the two following: an actual pic (which someone at this site made for me) of my beloved Rottie, Stonewall. The other is generally a variation of a dolphin figure. I love dolphins -- always have. Something about them moves me.

I like to listen to:
Jazz, R&B, & Soul. Like a lot of older songs from the 60's through 80's ("Dusties"). My taste in music is eclectic -- kind of a mixed bag I guess.

My mobile phone:
iPhone 4S

I enjoy watching football -- college & Pro. Reading is a passion -- nothing like reading a good book. There's gems to be found in every genre.

DSLR Team Discovery details
Why did I join?:
I joined Team Discovery in August, 2002.

I lost my mother and grandmother to cancer. The very least I can do is use my computer to crunch for a cure. I believe that one day there will be a cure. If I can help find it, even if I'm long gone from this place -- then I'm going to lend a hand.

My home connection
Speed down/up:
2470 / 435

AT&T U-Verse

ISP charge/month:

Kudos Received

  • A special member of Team Discovery and a true friend! Thanks for everything you do! :-). Luvfishin See Profile, 129 days
  • No one compares to our "Flipper" - she rocks!. lilhurricane See Profile, 2.8 years
  • A special member of team discovery and a Host of TDPH. We are lucky to have her both in the forum and as a host of some of the blades that we run in hopes to find cures for cancer. Slava See Profile, 4 years
  • Kudos to Dolphin. Special thanks for your congeniality and support of Team Discovery and it's members. Ray422 See Profile, 6 years

Kudos Given

suprleg See Profile Ray422 See Profile

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