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(12th year!)
Editor of these FAQs:
·Android FAQ
Location:New Orleans, LA
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Last seen:2014-12-17 20:40:07
ProfileMy first name:

my age:

I work in the industry:
Full time day job: Systems administrator
Side gig: I own my own tech firm (www.JLTCtech.com)

ask me about:
Mobile devices

I like to listen to:
Franky2k - Final Mix 2008 (packed full of great vocal selections in 60 minutes)
A State of Trance 500
Markus Schulz feat Adina Butar - Caught (Duderstadt remix)
Cherry Cherry Boom Boom - One and Only (B-Syde Remix)

Favorite DJs:
DJ IQY, Armin Van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Paul Okenfold
Trance + Saxophone = A winning combination

My wife, son, daughter, computer networking, law enforcement, cell phones, RC airplanes.

favourite recent film:
The Edge (with Anthony Hopkins)
The Way Back
The Kingdom
Black Hawk Down
Die Hard with a Vengeance

Inspirational Text:
"I have measured out my life with coffee spoons." -- T.S. Elliot

"I have often regretted my speech, never my silence." -- Xenocrates

"Like one who grabs a stray dog by the ears is someone who rushes into a quarrel not their own." -- Proverbs 26:17

My home connection
Speed down/up:
25/4 advertised, 25/3 actual

Cox Business

BBR Team Helix
How many PCs run it:
Originally 1

DSLR Seti@Home details
How many PCs run it:
Originally 10

DSLR Team Discovery details
Why did I join?:
Looking for a cure...

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  • Thanks dude!!. JB See Profile, 1.1 years
  • For Help given Above and Beyond the call of duty. (link). Name Game See Profile, 3.7 years
  • Thanks man!!. Pole883 See Profile, 5.4 years

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  1. 2010-12-20 left by The2ndclory See Profile seller '23.6 inch LCD Monitor' see »[FS] 23.6 inch LCD Monitor rated them 4.5/5
    Summary: Fast payment, very understanding.
  2. 2010-09-16 left by boshuter See Profile purchaser '500gb 7200rpm 2.5" hdd' see »[FS]-[WTT] Seagate 500GB 7200 RPM laptop HDD rated them 5/5
    Summary: Excellent trader, fast shipping and best packaging I've seen
  3. 2010-08-26 left by RotKT See Profile purchaser 'bought a 3g iphone from him' see »[FS] iPhone 8GB 3G $100.00 + shipping rated them 5/5
    Summary: excellent trader; fast shipment. thanks
  4. 2010-04-21 left by marathonmike See Profile seller 'Wired dell keyboard and HP mouse' see »[WTB] USB keyboard and mouse rated them 5/5
    Summary: excellent
  5. 2010-02-27 left by TigerNutz See Profile purchaser 'Notebook HDD 500GB' see »[FS] Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500GB Notebook HDD rated them 5/5
    Summary: Excellent transaction!! Thanks!!
  6. 2009-09-22 left by MineCoast See Profile seller 'P4 Motherboard w/ CPU & DDR Ram' see »[WTB] Linksys Routers, Network Switches, etc.. rated them 5/5
    Summary: A+++ Fast Payment, Excellent Communication. Great Buyer!
  7. 2009-08-06 left by chass See Profile purchaser '1GB DDR PC2700 SO-DIMM' see »[WTB] ddr laptop ram rated them 5/5
    Summary: fast shipping, good communication
  8. 2009-05-02 left by dentman42 See Profile purchaser 'ViewSonic VA703B 17" LCD Monitor' see »[FS] **Viewsonic 17" LCD - $55** rated them 5/5
    Summary: As listed, transaction completed and shipped in 1 day.
  9. 2009-04-08 left by Boricua See Profile purchaser '60 GB laptop HDD' see »[FS] 500 Watt PSU, Brand New 120mm Case Fans, 60Gb HDD rated them 5/5
    Summary: fast shipment, packaged well, excellent seller
  10. 2009-04-01 left by parkut See Profile purchaser 'Ultra X Finity 500 Watt ATX PSU' see »[FS] 500 Watt PSU, Brand New 120mm Case Fans, 60Gb HDD rated them 5/5
    Summary: FAST shipment, easy purchase
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