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  • Went out of his way to help me find a solution to a hardware issue. Thank you. HRM See Profile, 3.5 years

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For-sale forum - ratings

  1. 2011-07-09 left by Dream Killer See Profile purchaser 'Entry Level P4 Server' see »[FS] P4 entry level server. rated them 5/5
    Summary: Very quick transaction. Unit very well packaged.
  2. 2011-06-16 left by jjoshua See Profile purchaser 'VOIP phones' see »[FS] Never-ending list of stuff for sale. rated them 5/5
    Summary: Works great!
  3. 2010-11-05 left by beachintech See Profile purchaser 'Super Micro Super Server 5012B-E' see »[FS] Servers and stuff part II rated them 5/5
    Summary: Great Seller, excellent communication, great packaging
  4. 2010-10-30 left by hayabusa3303 See Profile purchaser 'Flower Pot:) apple.' see »[FS] G4 Flower Pot 1GB 80GB 15" rated them 5/5
    Summary: Great seller and and great on the shipping.
  5. 2010-10-26 left by Gem See Profile purchaser 'Various Intel and AMD processors' see »[FS] Dell servers PE1850 more to come CPUs added rated them 5/5
    Summary: A fine seller to deal with. Great communication. 5 stars+
  6. 2010-10-04 left by 47717768 See Profile seller 'Creative DJ Style Premium Headphones (HQ-1900)' see »[FS] Creative DJ Style Premium Headphones (HQ-1900) rated them 5/5
    Summary: Great buyer and fast payment.
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