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(12th year!)
email:Not public.
Last seen:2013-12-26 04:09:37
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Why did I join?:
I joined to help in the search for a cure. Have lost too many relatives and friends to this disease, and currently have more friends and relatives fighting it.

Kudos Received

  • Thank you so much for taking over my hosting duties today !!! You are just the best !!!. amysheehan See Profile, 5.3 years
  • Thank you so much for being a good-hearted, helpful friend. onDvine See Profile, 5.3 years
  • Words caa not describe how special of a gift it is to me and the entire dslr community to see you back here giving your time, knowlege, talent and love back to us all. WECLOME HOME TWEETTIE!!!!!. amysheehan See Profile, 6 years
  • To a wonderful friend! I am so blessed to know you. wanabegeek See Profile, 6.2 years
  • To our lovely lil bird who is always helping & always there for everyone - kudos (and a gameball) ;). lilhurricane See Profile, 6.2 years
  • Thanks so much for filling in for me today!!! Did you know it was officially my 10th year at dslr on the 21st???? Thanks for making it all that more special AMY. amysheehan See Profile, 6.2 years
  • WELCOME BACK !!!. amysheehan See Profile, 6.4 years
  • It is my pleasure and honor to give the first well deserved kudos to a my friend. . dliw See Profile, 6.6 years

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amysheehan See Profile

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