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·Security Cleanup
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Kudos Received

  • Thanks for all you guys/gals do. Having been here a while, I know you guys do a lot of work that goes unnoticed to some. But not to me. DawsonvilleG See Profile, 1.6 years
  • To all the MODS for reading through the sh*t I post!!! :P Thanks guys!. CXM_Splicer See Profile, 2.9 years
  • Thank you for patience with assisting me with account settings. Reminds me of how helpful members on this site really are. GooSe_ See Profile, 3.2 years
  • Thank You for your uncanny ability over the years to bring common sense to many threads at DSLR. (link). Name Game See Profile, 3.7 years
  • "I heard that 98% of the bandwidth is used by 12 people who download everything illegal, even socks. They ruin everything." I can't stop laughing, that's the best thing i've seen ass week. packetscan See Profile, 3.8 years
  • For the Good work you do around here. THX. SunnyFL See Profile, 5 years
  • I think Cudni came the closest. I appreciate you. nozero See Profile, 5.4 years
  • Thanks for all the hair tips. I've never received so many compliments before. kim See Profile, 5.5 years
  • For answering even nonsensical Site questions with unfailing patience -- plus that dedication and spirit Amy mentioned. onDvine See Profile, 5.6 years
  • Capable of Algebra, but needs to apply himself...probably with gorilla glue. mr sean See Profile, 5.9 years

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jabarnut See Profile Karl Bode See Profile Wildcatboy See Profile kim See Profile DSL_Ricer See Profile Guspaz See Profile

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