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    Call:877-381-1965 (toll-free)
    residential DSL
    business DSL
    Web Hosting

    Head office:
    Fulton Atlanta, GA

    Network Ops Centers:
    Cook Palatine, IL


    About Instellar ..

    The DSL Internet Experience That's Instellar!

    The INSTELLAR™ DSL Internet Service consists of Internet access service with a selection of bandwidths, service plans and features, to accommodate individual or business needs. This offer is available in multple service plans:

    TeleSurfer - Home Access

    Service Speed (Bandwidth, Downstream/Upstream):

    608K/128K ADSL
    1.5MB/384K ADSL

    ***Requires Efficient Networks Speedstream 5260 DSL Modem***

    Service Offering

    - Bandwidth speeds of 608K and 1.5MB ADSL are available
    - 1 Dynamic IP Address
    - Suppported: Win 95, Win 98, WIN 2000 Win NT & Mac OS
    - Online & Telephone Technical Support provided by INSTELLAR
    - 5 Email Accounts
    - 5MB Web Space

    Covad TeleSpeed Business/Home Office DSL (Bandwidth, Downstream/Upstream):

    144K IDSL
    192K SDSL
    384K SDSL
    768K SDSL
    1.1MB SDSL
    1.5MB SDSL

    ***Requires Flowpoint 2200 DSL Router***

    Service Offering

    - 5 Email Accounts
    - 10 MB of Web Space

    - Bandwidth speeds are available, ranging from IDSL, 144/144 kbps up to 1.5MB SDSL
    - Number of users or PC's is unlimited (Via Network Address Translation -NAT-)
    - Up to 16 static IP addresses without additional costs
    - Suppported: Win 95, Win 98, WIN 2000 Win NT, Mac OS, and Linux
    - Online & Telephone Technical Support provided by INSTELLAR