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    Six Month Rating

    Pre Sales information:
    Install Co-ordination:
    Connection Reliability:
    Tech Support:
    Value for money:

    $100 per month avg ($50 to $180)

    Visit »www.videotron.com
    Call: 1-866-380-2967
    residential cable
    business cable
    Voice circuits

    Visit Videotron
    (No product/pricing details provided)
    About Videotron ..

    Basic cable Internet access:

    Twice as fast as 56 kbps modem access
    Permanent connection and instant Internet
    6 email boxes
    5 MB of reserved disk space to host your personal web page
    Technical support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    Possibility of switching to high-speed or Extreme high-speed packages using the same modem and same installation
    Data transfer monthly capacity: 1 GB download and 1 GB upload
    Dial-up access for use when you're away from home ($1 per hour)
    15% rebate gift certificate(1) on all musical files downloaded and purchased from Archambaultzik.ca