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$104 per month avg ($89 to $116)

Visit »www.cincinnatibell.com/zoomtown
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Head office:
Hamilton Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati Bell
Cincinnati Bell

About Cincinnati Bell ..

ZoomTown is Cincinnati Bell's brand name for high speed internet service. Using a technology called ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, ZoomTown supercharges your internet connection with download speeds of 768 Kbps, which is about 14 times the speed of an analog modem, for only $29.95/mo. plus internet access.

For a great deal, we suggest bundling ZoomTown with our Fuse Internet access for only $41.95, which allows you to keep your dial-up Fuse internet access account at no additional charge to use as a back up or while traveling.

If you need a static IP, we now offer RemoteDSL that includes 1 static IP, an always on connection and Fuse Internet access. Normal rate is $69.95; we are currently offering a 12 month rate of $49.95. It is also available with other ISP partners for $59.95.

For a faster option, ZoomTown HyperSpeed provides you with download speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps for $99 plus Internet access.

Benefits of ZoomTown
- Super fast access to the Internet
- Service is carried over existing copper telephone wires, so no costly rewiring of your home is necessary.
- Allows you to talk on the phone or fax while using the Internet -- all over the same line!
- No dial-up connection necessary.
- Uses a dedicated line, which provides for more consistent speed, enhanced security, and better stability than what you get with shared connections.
- Ability to network as many as four PCs per ADSL line

Kentucky, Ohio