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    Visit »www.tdcnet.ca
    Call:(905) 947-8053
    residential DSL
    business DSL
    Free dialup backup
    Web Hosting

    Head office:

    Bell Canada
    Visit TDCNet

    About TDCNet ..

    TDCNet is a Toronto-based Internet Service Provider (ISP), offering reliable and affordable internet services to individuals and companies. We are registered with the Canadian Radio-Telecommunications Commission (C.R.T.C.) as a Reseller of High Speed Retail Internet Service.

    It is our objective to make your internet access a seamless and professional part of your technology infrastructure. We pride ourselves on our high quality technical support and first rate customer service. We make it easy for you to use the internet efficiently and economically.

    Our mission is to provide you with the finest local internet service available at reasonable prices. We are dedicated first and foremost to serving you, our customers.

    We offer a full range of internet solutions, specializing in residential and corporate ADSL connections. Other services include 56 kbps dial-up access and 64/128 kbps ISDN connections.

    Our equipment has network security and 24 hour uninterrupted power with backup generators. Our internet service is 3.0 Mbit/sec "Always On" ADSL gateway access service (GAS) and the high speed internet service (HSA) is 4.0 Mbit/sec "Always On" ADSL.

    We own and manage our own network so our quality isn't dependent on someone else. In order to provide the highest quality, we've outfitted ourselves with the best equipment available.

    In addition, we provide professional Website Hosting, Website Design and Domain Name Registration and Host Services.

    PQ, ON