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    Call:(514) 630-9701
    residential DSL
    business DSL
    Voice circuits

    Head office:
    4637 Van Horne Ave Montreal Quebec H3W 1H8

    Bell Canada
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    About Axcessnet ..

    ADSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a dedicated high speed internet connection. It brings high-bandwidth information to homes and small businesses using existing copper telephone lines. Axcessnet offers different packages to suit the needs of individuals, home businesses, small businesses and large businesses. Our ADSL service is affordably priced and with our full installation option, easily setup.

    Residential & Commercial Services

    DSL up to 6 Mbps down & 800 kbps upload
    ADSL2 up to 16Mbps down & 1 Mbps upload
    VDSL up to 25 Mbps down & 7 Mbps upload

    Static IP available

    Full installation & Setup Available.

    Our DSL service includes 24/7 Toll Free Support.

    We also offer E-Mail & Web Hosting.

    For more information : 1-888-834-1106 514-630-9701

    PQ, PE, ON, NS