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 Inwa forum
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    Visit »inwa.net/services/
    residential DSL
    business DSL
    Web Hosting

    Head office:
    King Seattle, WA

    Network Ops Centers:
    King Seattle, WA

    Visit Inwa

    About Inwa ..

    Innovative Access is a small, independent Internet Service Provider in Seattle. We strive to provide reliable internet services with honest, personable user support. We cater to customers who appreciate the simpler things:

    Friendly interactions. We prefer to know our customers -- and not in an Amazon.com'ian marketing sense. Our users are extended family; they're each quite unique and we love them all. Not only does this allow us to make new and interesting friends, it allows us to provide better support to our customers.

    Plain language. We are frightened by the amount of marketing in this world. How many words does it take to say "web site"? Technical terms are fine, but we try to strip our speech of as much b.s. as possible.

    Honesty. Sometimes we don't feel like the phone company is telling us the truth. We don't like that. We are committed to being honest with our customers, even if it was our fault that your email wasn't working.

    If you're looking for the cheapest DSL you can get, call MSN. If you're looking for an ISP that you enjoy dealing with, drop us a line.