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 Optimum Voice
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    Visit »www.optimumvoice.com
    residential voip
    Voice circuits

    Head office:
    Nassau Bethpage, NY

    Network Ops Centers:
    Nassau Bethpage, NY
    Visit Optimum Voice

    About Optimum Voice ..

    Optimum Voice includes:
    • Call Waiting: Alerts you that someone is calling while you are on the phone.
    • Caller ID: Find out who's calling before you answer the phone!
    • Call Return (*69): Automatically dials the last incoming caller to your line.
    • Three-Way Calling: Add a third party to your conversation.
    • Call Forwarding: Directs your incoming calls to a forwarding number so you never miss an important call*.
    • Voice Mail with Web Access to messages.

    All for $34.95 per month.

    Optimum Voice uses state-of-the-art digital technology, the same technology that delivers Optimum Online high-speed Internet access to your home, to deliver high quality crystal clear voice service. Optimum Voice is available exclusively to Optimum Online subscribers.