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 Champion Communications
 Champion Communications forum
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    Call:1-888-34-CHAMP (24267)
    residential voip
    business voip

    Head office:
    Greenville Greenville, SC

    Network Ops Centers:
    Greenville Greenville, SC
    Champion Communications

    About Champion Communications ..

    Service PlanPlease select your desired CHAMPION VOIP service plan below.

    $24.95 / Month - CHAMPION GOLD Residential Unlimited
    Make unlimited calls anywhere in the Continental United States and Canada for the low price of $24.95 per month.

    $39.95 / Month - CHAMPION GOLD Small Business Unlimited
    Great savings on your business phone service!

    * All monthly charges will include a $1.50 service charge in addition
    to the cost of the service plan listed above.