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 ComputerLynx Network
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    Visit »www.computerlynx.net
    residential DSL
    business DSL
    Web Hosting

    Head office:
    York York, PA

    Network Ops Centers:
    York York, PA

    Visit ComputerLynx Network

    About ComputerLynx Network ..

    Computerlynx Network is a DSL ISP for GTE/Verizon DSL customers in the York, PA and Hershey, PA areas. We offer Internet access for all GTE/Verizon DSL plans (Bronze plus to Platinum Plus) at very low rates. Each account comes with up to 5 email addresses. We can offer many special features such as a static IP address and domain name hosting for additional fees. Please visit our web site to find out more about our pricing.

    The prices above include GTE/Verizon's monthly fees. Our prices are $14.95/month for yearly Bronze Plus, $19.95 monthly Bronze Plus, $19.95/month for yearly Silver, $24.95 for monthly Silver. The setup prices above include GTE's $60 setup fee and a $35 Computerlynx setup fee. You must pay our monthly fee and our setup fee to us upfront, GTE/Verizon will bill you for their services monthly on your phone bill. But we do not bill you until you are 100% online, that is when your term starts. Please call us if you have questions.

    To order DSL, you must first call GTE/Verizon at 877-483-4375. If your line qualifies for DSL, tell them that you want Computerlynx Network as your ISP. Then call us right away so we can give Verizon the information that they need from us. If your line does not qualify for DSL, but it is not because you are too far from the central office, call us anyway. We might be able to get GTE to fix your line so that you can get DSL.

    Another great feature that we offer is that we deal with GTE/Verizon once you place your order with them. If something goes wrong with your line, we'll contact them and try to get them to fix it. If you haven't received your ADSL modem and setup kit by the install date, we'll call them up and see what's going on.