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HBO Petitions FCC To Prevent DVR Recording
Broadband traders worry cable network...
by biteman 08:59AM Friday Feb 10 2006
HBO is pushing lawmakers to make the DVR recording of subscription video-on demand off-limits, in an effort to slow down the broadband trading of video content. HBO has been very busy on this front; if you recall, there were suggestions the company was trying to limit Bit Torrent trading of their shows by circulating bunk torrents.

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Schenectady, NY

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The beginning of the end proposed

In the beginning, they just outlawed recording Video on Demand. I didn't complain, because I though it was their video, and they could do what they wanted. I could always order it again.
Next they outlawed recording premium content. I never minded that, because it was their content, and they could do what they wanted. I could always buy the DVD when it was released.
Then they outlawed recording over the air content. I never protested, because it was broadcast in high def, and I wanted to support the rollout of new technologies.
Then they banned reading. My kids didn't complain because they never knew any better. The past was whatever the TV said it was. There was no record of 'roe vs. wade', because all records of the media in the past had been wiped clean. The echos of Trotsky rumble through the media, and we are all content.
Sure the internet has lots of porn and piracy, but I'm sure there's a downside to it.

You Can't Spell Democrat Without Rat.
Boonville, NY

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reply to yeabut

Re: Good Luck

said by yeabut :

Yea, but their worried about the morons who put it on the internet, make copies of the whole season and give it to friends...etc.
And that is new how? Pirating is already illegal, passing further laws will not make it any more illegal.
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